What a car wreck attorney REALLY does

    Have you ever wondered what a car wreck attorney really does to help their clients after an accident?  Well, lead attorney Mario Palermo, of the law firm Palermo Law Group, says there are 4 important things any good car accident lawyer can (and should) do.  He should know;  Mario has decades of experience in protecting the rights of car accident victims throughout Illinois.  Here’s what he said:

    Car accident lawyers ensure critical witnesses and evidence isn’t lost or destroyed

    It is important not to wait to seek legal advice. There is usually no cost to you upfront since most law firms offer free consultations.  Time is of the essence though, so act quickly.

    Sometimes establishing who was responsible for the accident can be difficult.  When there is a need for an investigation, a good car accident lawyer will know where and how to look for evidence and witnesses that support your case.  They will also help ensure critical evidence isn’t lost or destroyed.

    Car accident lawyers act as your advocate when dealing with the insurance company

    When dealing with the insurance company, an adjuster (who is trained to minimize the amount of money they pay out on a claim) will call and try to get a recorded statement from you.  They might also ask you certain questions hoping you admit you were fully or partially at fault for the accident. This could significantly impact your injury claim and the amount, if any, you may be able to recover for your injuries.

    When an attorney from Palermo Law Group takes your case, you pay nothing upfront and then we deal with the insurance company for you. Once the insurance company is notified you are working with an attorney, they will stop contacting you. All you should be worried about after an accident is treating and recovering from your injuries.

    Car accident lawyers protect your rights and help you seek the financial compensation you are entitled to

    A good car accident attorney will recognize the impact the accident has and will continue to have on your life-damages that you may have never considered. These harms can include:

    • Past and future lost wages and loss to future earning capacity
    • Future medical costs including treatment and surgery
    • A life care plan that lays out all future economic damages incurred as a result of the accident; and
    • Many other harms that are not immediately apparent

    If you don’t seek good legal representation soon after the accident occurs, your ability to get a fair settlement and financial compensation can be dramatically affected. Insurance adjusters often will not mention certain legally available damages when an injured victim contacts them without an attorney.

    Car accident lawyers help to properly navigate your medical services

    Vehicle accidents have the potential to cause major physical, psychological, and economic damage to the victims involved.

    Without a good personal injury lawyer’s help, accident victims often don’t know how to deal with medical providers in the best way.  They also don’t get proper medical attention or visit all the medical providers that they need quickly enough. A good personal injury lawyer will educate their clients on how to properly navigate their medical situation. This is very important.  Medical records are probably the most valuable evidence presented during any accident lawsuit or injury cases.

    Have you been in a car wreck?

    If you or a family member has been in an auto accident it’s important to get a free consultation from an experienced and knowledgeable personal injury attorney as soon as possible.  Do this before you speak with the insurance company or file an accident claim.  Doing so will protect yourself and your loved ones moving forward.

    Working with a lawyer immediately can be the difference between keeping your life on track and facing a mountain of medical bills. If you were involved in a car accident, seeking medical treatment and focusing on your recovery should be your first step. Contacting a personal injury attorney is a critical second step.

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