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    We at Palermo Law Group are about going the extra mile. What does that mean? It means doing whatever is necessary to win the case.

    Hit and Run Auto Accident Injury Case

    For example, a young woman came into my office. I could tell that she had been very seriously injured. I asked her what happened to her. She told me that she was driving on the highway, a van veered into her. She, in an effort to avoid the commercial vehicle, swerved, lost control over her vehicle, flipped over several times, landed on an embankment, broke her leg in several places and had numerous surgeries to try and be able to walk again.

    The problem was we didn’t know who was driving the van. None of the witnesses at the scene could identify the commercial vehicle. And we were at an impasse.

    How Palermo Law Group Goes the Extra Mile

    We realized that the collision occurred about a mile away from the tollway. And doing simple math, the van that fled the scene probably around 60 miles an hour would have gotten to that tollway in about a minute. And we could time stamp where the collision occurred versus where that van would be in another minute. And we were able to eventually– it’s sort of a long story– but eventually identify all 300 drivers who passed through the tollway during that one minute period of time.

    And we wrote a letter. Found all 300 drivers. Got their addresses, contacted them. Many of them said they didn’t see anything. Some ignored us. But one driver finally, after several weeks, came forward, saw the whole thing. And he was able to identify the driver of the van and the name of the company that he was working for. This is a huge break we were looking for.

    Shortly thereafter, by going the extra mile, the case resolved for hundreds of thousands of dollars and we were able to help this young woman who really needed it. That’s what going the extra mile is all about. And that’s what Palermo Law Group will do for you as well.

    Have you been injured in a car accident and need a lawyer? Contact Mario Palermo today to witness for yourself his dedication and tenacity in getting the settlement you deserve.

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