What You Should Know About Car Accident-Related Injuries

    There are many different kinds of injuries that can result from a car accident.  They range anywhere from minor cuts and bruises to severe external and internal damage.  Many even require long-term hospitalization. Understanding these kinds of accidents and injuries is important in receiving proper compensation for your misfortune.

    Common Injuries from Accidents

    The NHTSA reports that every year over three million people are injured in car accidents. The vast majority of these injuries, thankfully, are not catastrophic: cuts, scrapes, abrasions, bruises, and the like. More severe injuries, however, can also result, and these vary with the kinds of accidents suffered. Collisions involving heavy vehicles, such as 18 wheelers, or fast moving vehicles increase the chances that a driver or passenger will suffer serious injuries.

    Soft Tissue Injuries

    Soft tissue injuries encompass a broad range of connective tissue damage, including ligaments, tendons, muscles and the like. These are the most common kinds of injuries suffered in car accidents. If someone is suffering from “whiplash”, he or she is referring to soft-tissue damage to the neck and back caused by sudden strain on those areas.  In a whiplash scenario, the head “whips” forward when the vehicle is struck from behind and then is whipped back onto the headrest.  Sometimes the spongy material inside the disks that separate the vertebrae in your spine can be pushed out.  This is called a herniated disk and is sometimes referred to as a “pinched nerve.”  Herniated disks can cause severe neurological symptoms, such as burning or shooting pain from your spine into your arms or legs.  Herniated disks often require extensive medical treatment, including surgery.

    Other types of common soft tissue injuries include:

    • Upper and lower back injuries
    • Sprains and strains
    • Muscle tears
    • Herniated disks

    Head Injuries

    Traumatic brain injury has been in the news a great deal over the past few years, often in conjunction with sports figures. It is seen very often in car accidents, however, and can even happen at the same time as whiplash. When the head whips forward, the brain can suffer contusions from crashing into the skull resulting in concussions and other major injuries.

    Head injuries can be some of the most serious and damaging injuries there are. They can result in relationship problems and marked personality changes as well as practical and functional difficulties from which many never recover.

    Chest, Arm and Leg Injuries

    Other common injuries from car accidents occur in the chest, arms, and legs. Broken bones can occur as a result of striking the interior of the vehicle during a  car crash, such as the steering wheel or dashboard. Injuries can result from seatbelt trauma—that is, when your body lurches forward and the seatbelt stops you. The seatbelt can damage your lap, shoulder or chest, resulting in broken bones and internal organ damage. This can require extensive treatments and surgery, and can even be fatal.

    Chicago Area Personal Injury Attorney

    If you are injured in a car accident and it was someone else’s fault, you deserve compensation for your injuries. Paying for your medical bills, can be expensive. A Chicago area  personal injury attorney can be your greatest ally in this effort. Personal injury lawyers know how to fight insurance company tactics to avoid payouts and help to protect your rights and get you the full amount you deserve.


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