Important Things To Consider When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer- Don’t Live With Regrets

    When you’ve been injured in an accident, or as the result of someone else’s negligence, it is a good idea to seek out the advice of an experienced attorney. While there are currently 1.2 million lawyers practicing in the United States, they bring to the table varying skill levels, experience, commitment to their clients, and willingness to zealously litigate a personal injury case. Keep in mind that the practice of law, unlike medicine for example, comes with no residencies, no mandatory internships, and no state-required certifications. This means that anyone with a license to practice law can market themselves as a personal injury lawyer- even if they have no experience, no respect in the legal community, and no idea how best to manage your case.When you’re facing the physical and financial fallout of an accident, choosing the first lawyer you find in the phone book or on the internet is almost always a bad idea. Through a friend’s referral, or even the referral of a family attorney can be helpful, it is important to do your own homework. When your life and money are at stake, it’s worth taking the extra time to do so.

    At minimum, successful trial lawyers specialize in a specific area of the law. Most lawyers litigate cases in a few practice areas, but an attorney who does everything simply does not have the specialized skill necessary to master the intricacies of personal injury law. Before you make your decision, ensure that the lawyer you are considering is a specialist in personal injury. Also, while a lawyer does not necessarily need 30 plus years of experience to excel at trial, only select a lawyer with previous trial experience- the more cases he or she has litigated similar to yours the better.

    Your case is one of the most important things to you, and you deserve a dedicated lawyer who takes your pain and suffering seriously. Good lawyers are open and honest with their clients right from the start – even when it’s something they may not want to hear. They are honest about the potential weaknesses in the case, including things the client can do to address those weaknesses. The best personal injury lawyers want more than just a paycheck, they want to see justice done.

    Nationally recognized personal injury attorney, Mario Palermo of Palermo Law Group in Oakbrook, Illinois, has handled and litigated hundreds if not thousands of personal injury cases in his 20-year career.  He is known for his results and his dedication to his clients and will take the time to explain your legal options, and discuss with you the various steps needed to be taken when fighting for the compensation you deserve. Mr. Palermo will guide you through the entire process, and will handle the necessary paperwork, phone calls and negotiations with insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, and others, and will put his knowledge, skills, and resources to work for you. Call Palermo Law Group for a free legal consultation on your personal injury case (630) 684-2332 and visit us at

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