Illinois State Police to conduct Distracted Driving Enforcement Program

    During the month of September, Illinois State Police will be conducting Distracted Driving Enforcement Program patrols. The goal of this program is to allow ISP to remind drivers of Illinois’ distracted driving laws in an effort to prevent fatal crashes deaths and serious injury motor vehicle crashes.

    The following driver distractions can increase the risk of being in an accident:

    • Eating or drinking (non-alcoholic beverages) increases the risk by three times.
    • Texting increases the risk by four times.
    • Reaching for an object increases the risk by eight times.
    • Reading a text message can take a driver’s eyes off the road for an average of five seconds.

    Law enforcement will be on the lookout for drivers who disobey Illinois’ distracted driving laws.  Please keep in mind the following state laws:

    • All drivers are prohibited from reading, sending, or receiving text messages or communication, and from cellphone use including browsing the internet, using social media or navigation systems.
    • All drivers are prohibited from using handheld cell phones and other electronic communication devices.
    • Teen drivers under the age of 18 are prohibited from using any cellphone, even when hands-free.
    • All drivers are prohibited from using any cellphone, even hands-free, while in school speed zones and work zones.
    • School bus drivers are not permitted to use any type of cellphone, even hands-free.
    • It is illegal to use a cellphone or take photos or videos on wireless devices when driving within 500 feet of an emergency scene.

    The Illinois Department of Transportation has allocated over $800,000 in traffic safety funds for 2020 to make this distracted driving safety campaign possible.  Last year, the state police operated a campaign called “Trooper in a Truck” to bust distracted drivers and promote safe driving.


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