FedEx Delivery Driver Dog Bite Results in Amputation

    A FedEx delivery driver dog bite incident in rural Illinois resulted in a worker having his left hand and wrist amputated on Saturday following an attack by two dogs. He was airlifted to a St. Louis hospital for further medical care where he awaits surgeries on his seriously wounded arms and legs.

    Police said the attack took place in  Kampsville, a village in Calhoun County, Illinois. According to his brother Mike, the victim, a delivery man named Paul Gmoser, is making progress and has been taken out of the ICU, but “will likely be in the hospital for some time.”

    Local media reported that the dogs are American bulldogs. American bulldogs are known for their great strength, endurance, agility, and friendly attitude.

    The American Kennel Club advises: “Rules and routines should be put in place early and adhered to as dogs grow up. They require a firm but loving hand to establish and retain proper boundaries.” American bulldogs are not known for being aggressive dogs, and that behavior toward humans is uncharacteristic.

    It appears that the dogs charged through the front door of the home where the FedEx worker was delivering a package. The dogs were reported to have been on top of the delivery person by the time the homeowner returned to the property. It is unknown what may have triggered the attack. According to veterinarian records, both dogs had received their appropriate shots.

    With the rise in online shopping and deliveries from FedEx, Amazon and other delivery services during the pandemic, we have seen an increase in delivery driver dog bite incidents.

    What legal recourse do delivery drivers have when bitten by a dog?

    Illinois dog bite law has a strict liability policy, so all victims of dog attacks can recover compensation from dog owners for any unprovoked attack. Therefore, delivery drivers are able to recover damages from the dog’s owner for medical bills, disfigurement, lost wages form work, pain and suffering, and disability.

    In addition, delivery workers can pursue a workers compensation claim. These claims are an extra layer of protection because workers’ compensation benefits will be provided to the injured driver regardless of whether the dog’s owner has homeowners’ insurance or can afford to pay the victim’s damages.

    Legal Representation for Dog Bite Injuries

    If you or a family member are a dog bite victim, contact experienced  dog bite lawyer, Mario Palermo, at Palermo Law Group for legal advice and to find out how you can be compensated for your dog bite injuries. Call us at 630-684-2332 or request a free consultation. Our personal injury law firm offices are conveniently located in Oak Brook, IL and downtown Chicago, and serve clients throughout Illinois.

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