What 5 Chicago Hospitals Earned “D” Hospital Safety Grades?

    CHICAGO (June 5, 2019) – A new report was put out by Leapfrog, a nonprofit company that provides grades for American hospitals on 28 measures of safety, including hand hygiene, intensive care unit physician staffing, bedsores, and falls.  In the Spring 2019 Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade, 5 Chicago hospitals earned low letter grades for protecting its patients. Highly regarded Northwestern was even downgraded to a “B”.


    Progress for Illinois Hospital Safety

    Approximately 160,000 lives are lost each year from avoidable medical errors.While Illinois ranks 14th in the nation when it comes to hospitals patient safety, according to the Leapfrog group’s new report, no Illinois hospital earned an F grade this year — an improvement over last fall when two Illinois hospitals received Fs. This improvement is critical because when compared to “A” hospitals, patients at “D” and “F” hospitals face a 92% greater risk of avoidable death.

    Overall, an estimated 160,000 lives are lost annually from the avoidable medical errors that are accounted for in the Leapfrog Hospital Safety Grade.


    Chicago hospitals receiving D grades for safety include:

    Overall, Leapfrog hospital safety grade showed 42 Illinois hospitals got As, 30 got Bs, and 33 got Cs. Among those in the Chicago area that got As are 10 Amita Health hospitals and all four NorthShore University HealthSystem hospitals.


    Chicago hospitals receiving A grades for safety include:

    At least two big-name Chicago hospitals — Northwestern Memorial and Rush University Medical Center — were left off the A list, getting Bs instead. Northwestern slipped to a B, from an A in the fall, while Rush maintained its B.

    Avoiding Errors, Injuries, Accidents, and Infections

    Leapfrog Group’s report focuses strictly on patient safety. While you may feel confident having the greatest surgeon in the world perform your surgery, if you get an infection or there’s an error in the medications you’re given, you run the risk of being harmed or even killed from those problems.

    Patients at D and F rated hospitals may face greater danger than patients at A rated hospitals.At A-rated hospitals, an estimated 3.2 people died of avoidable deaths per 1,000 patients admitted, whereas in D and F hospitals, 6.2 patients per 1,000 admitted died avoidable deaths, according to Leapfrog’s report. This is important because patients at hospitals that get D and F grades may face greater danger than patients at A hospitals.

    The good news is that patient safety seems to be a higher health care priority for hospital administrators. A number of local hospital leaders said they’re continuing to work to improve patient safety, including implementing new measures to reduce the number of infections and falls.

    Hopefully, Chicago hospitals will continue seeing significant improvement in overall quality and safety performance indicators.  To see ratings for hospitals beyond the Chicago area in Illinois or any other state, go to

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