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  • Mario is a very good lawyer. He was very consistent and patient with my case– he really tried to get the most money he possibly could get me for my pain and suffering. Even though it was a really hard time in my life, I look back at the whole thing with fond memories because with Mario’s help , it turned out okay. I would definitely recommend Mario for your personal injury lawyer.


  • Mario is professional, leaves no stone unturned, has the patience of a saint and knows his business above and beyond.


  • Mr. Palermo is my go-to for any personal injury case. Mr. Palermo is an experienced Trial Attorney and I am confident in his legal knowledge and abilities. I refer all of my personal injury cases to him because I know my clients will be in good hands.

    Naveed S. Husain, Esq.

  • Mario Palermo is the attorney we were fortunate enough to have by our side during an extremely difficult time. We found him to be ethical, intelligent and compassionate. He was always prepared and willing to fight for his clients rights. I would highly recommend him, and have, to anyone facing the need for an attorney.

    Mr. Gary H.

  • Mario Palermo represented my husband in a semi truck accident. Mario was the best choice for us looking back. Mario was always attentive to our concerns ,prompt in keeping us informed about the developements of our case. We knew that of course he had other cases , but we always felt as though he gave us his full attention when we needed him. Trust me when i say that he is the best ! I trust him implicitly!


  • I had the pleasure to work with Mario Palermo on a case that involved a car accident and technology. I injured my leg and arm during the car accident. It was a complicated case, but the case settled. Mr. Palermo and I continue to keep in touch, I highly recommend Mario Palermo as your attorney in Personal Injury. He has an exceptional strong eye for details that benefited our case. He has always been kind and courteous during and after our case. The countless hours Mr. Palermo invested on the case were incredible. His analytical and research skills were put on to the test. He succeeded! Mario Palermo’s perseverance exceeded my expectations.


Recent News

  • Mr. Palermo obtained $1.3 million dollars for an airline employee who was helping to load mail when a worker drove a cart into his work station. Mr. Palermo was able to show that the worker violated company protocols by pulling too many carts.
  • Mr. Palermo obtained $800,000 for the family of 63-year-old woman who died as a result of a negligently performed gallbladder removal surgery.
  • Mr. Palermo obtained $400,000 for a 28-year-old woman from Aurora, Illinois that was the victim of a hit-and-run driver. The driver of the van denied that he had any involvement in causing the crash. By way of technology, the drivers identity was verified.
  • In Danville, Illinois jury awarded Mr. Palermo's Champaign client $372,000 for a fall on ice at a gas station. The jury rejected the gas station's argument that the ice accumulation was simply an "act of God", that it was not responsible for taking care of.
  • Mr. Palermo obtained $990,000 for an 81-year-old man from Romeoville, Illinois that was T-boned in an intersection by a cement truck.
  • Mr. Palermo resolved the case of a central Illinois factory worker who was sexually harassed by a coworker for $477,000.
  • Mr. Palermo obtained $1,000,000 for a 53-year-old truck driver who was struck in the face by a 4 x 4 thrown by and unobservant railroad worker.
  • Mr. Palermo obtained $1,000,000 for a 64-year-old surveyor struck by a driver who initially told police that she simply "witnessed" the accident and that the culprit fled the scene. It turned out she was driving the vehicle that struck a pedestrian.
  • Mr. Palermo helped recover $2,300,000 for a group of DuPage County homeowners who lived adjacent to a factory that recklessly handled a toxic chemical known as "Trichloroethylene."