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Palermo Law Group has recently been approached and are fielding questions from a few of our concerned friends and neighbors about the legalities of the toxic emissions being released from Sterigenics International, a Willowbrook-based company. (For those who don’t know, Mario has extensive experience in this practice area… in 2002 he helped recover a $2,300,000 verdict in DuPage County for a group of DuPage County homeowners who lived adjacent to the Lisle-based plant, Lockformer, that recklessly handled a toxic chemical known as “Trichloroethylene” which subjected its neighbors to cancer causing pollutants in their well water).

We are doing further research and will happily help where we can and pass on what we know. What we know now is that what’s going on here is bad. We should all be concerned whether the Willowbrook-based company’s chemical emissions are the cause of high cancer rates in Willowbrook, Hinsdale and other nearby communities.

A federal report released in August revealed that the Willowbrook-based company Sterigenics International was discovered to be releasing high levels of ethylene oxide, a toxic gas, harming public health. Ethylene oxide emissions can cause cancer and lead to serious health issues. The exposure was detected in a 10-mile radius of the facility. Riverside, Lyons, Brookfield, LaGrange, LaGrange Park, Western Springs, Hinsdale all fall within this radius.

Ethylene oxide has been designated as a known human carcinogen since 2000. Alarmingly, the report examines one area near the plant where the estimated risk of cancer is more than nine times the national average. Nearly 20,000 people live within one mile of the DuPage County facility. Multiple schools and day care centers are also located near the plant.

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