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FedEx worker found dead during Chicago’s Polar Vortex

EAST MOLINE, IL  (February 1, 2019)  Authorities are reporting that a FedEx worker’s dead body was found outside a delivery hub in East Moline, Illinois Thursday morning.  The the 69-year-old employee  was discovered between two semi-trailers outside the freight facility by another FedEx employee around 9:30 a.m. Is Chicago’s Polar Vortex to blame? While the cause of death is still under investigation, it is believed that theContinue reading

Driving during Chicago’s Polar Vortex

CHICAGO, IL  (January 29, 2019) — This week, as the Polar Vortex hits the Chicago and the midwest, temperatures will be dangerously cold. In fact, it will be so cold that salt won’t melt ice on roads or walkways, creating additional issues for drivers. Salt won’t melt ice during the Polar Vortex In these extreme weather conditions, pedestrians and motorists should be extra cautious.  Please driveContinue reading

New Illinois Dog Bite Law Takes Effect

OAK BROOK, IL  (January 22, 2019) – A new Illinois dog bite law that aims to further protect individuals and companion animals from dangerous dogs and their negligent owners took effect on January 1, 2019. If a dog that has bitten a person or another dog without justification is repeatedly found off-leash, the dog owner will be found to have acted in a reckless manner.Continue reading

What a car wreck attorney REALLY does

Have you ever wondered what a car wreck attorney really does to help their clients after an accident?  Well, lead attorney Mario Palermo, of the law firm Palermo Law Group, says there are 4 important things any good car accident lawyer can (and should) do.  He should know;  Mario has decades of experience in protecting the rights of car accident victims throughout Illinois.  Here’s what he said: Car accident lawyers ensure criticalContinue reading

Illinois Drivers to be Fined $120 for Hogging the Left Lane

CHICAGO, IL (January 8, 2019) – Illinois drivers lingering in the left traffic lane will now be targets of the Illinois State Police. Enforcement of a traffic law passed by state legislators two years ago that restricts drivers that improperly use the left lane will start this year. According to police, the left lane should only be used to pass other vehicles or when movingContinue reading

Fiery Truck Accident Kills 5 Children Headed To Disney World

GAINESVILLE, FL (January 5, 2019) – Five children heading to Disney World in a church van from Louisiana died along with two truck drivers in a fiery truck accident on Interstate 75 near Gainesville, Florida on Thursday, January 2nd. The crash occurred around 3:40pm when a semi and a sedan heading north on I-75 collided and drove through the guardrail, the center median and intoContinue reading

Boy Seriously Injured in Chicago Macy’s Escalator Accident

CHICAGO, IL  (December 15, 2018)  –  On Saturday, the Chicago Fire Department received a call about a young boy with his foot trapped in an escalator at the Macy’s on State Street. Witnesses said the situation appeared to be very serious. The boy, whose age has not been disclosed, was taken to Lurie Children’s Hospital on a trauma bypass. Chicago Police reported the incident happened nearContinue reading

Sterigenics International

Sterigenics Lawsuit Helpline Palermo Law Group has recently been approached and are fielding questions from a few of our concerned friends and neighbors about the legalities of the toxic emissions being released from Sterigenics International, a Willowbrook-based company. (For those who don’t know, Mario has extensive experience in this practice area… in 2002 he helped recover a $2,300,000 verdict in DuPage County for a group of DuPage County homeowners whoContinue reading

The ABCs of a Personal Injury Claim Process

Personal injury law or tort law covers situations wherein an individual’s body, mind or emotions are hurt. More often than not, it is usually due to someone else’s negligence or carelessness. For instance, people may suffer due to accidental slips and falls in a hotel they booked or were injured in an accident because their recently purchased car turned out to be faulty. The caseContinue reading